What is the easiest type of fish to care for?



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    First of all, I’d recommend getting a freshwater fish, since keeping the salinity of the tank right for saltwater fish is pretty complicated. Also, no matter what fish you get, please get it a tank with at least a couple gallons of water, a light, and a filter. A bowl is not the right environment for any fish, and ones left in a bowl typically do not live long.

    That being said, the most often recommended are goldfish and bettas. These are pretty low-maintenance, but I’d put in my vote for two different ones. Cory catfish are very low maintenance, unusual, funny-looking, and fun to watch. The only requirement is that you get more than one as they are social fish. For a kid, I think fancy guppies are a great choice. They’re beautiful, easy to care for, small, and very easy to breed since they don’t lay eggs. I had them as a kid, and I can attest to the fact that they don’t die easy. But if you do get either of these species, look at them and their living conditions first, because pet stores tend to keep too many of them in one tank and disease can spread easily. In fact, if you see an isolated, healthy-looking guppy or cory in a tank with other species of fish, try to get that one, because not only has it not caught a disease from over-crowding but it’s probably a survivor.

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    Goldfish are super easy to care for but they are dirty fish. You will have to change the water and filters more often with gold fish. I recommend tetras as they are fairly easy and don’t make much of a mess in their tank. Neon tetras aren’t too expensive either. They like to school and look very nice under a black light.

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