What is the easiest type of berry to grow in your garden?



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    Strawberries may be one of the easiest and are one of the most popular garden berry plants.  They should be planted in the Spring in full sun and with space between them.  Strawberry plants do not do well with competition, so weeding will be necessary.  Also to note is that strawberries, as well as some other berry plants, produce runners, which may need to be trimmed to contain the plant to a certain location.  As for watering, one adequate soaking per week should do the trick.  Watch out for fruit rotting and insects such as weevils and thrips.  For a detailed description on planting garden strawberries, see the citation below.

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    Blueberries are also relatively easy to grow. There are three common types of blueberries to grow, highbush, rabbiteye, and southern highbush. Some grow better in certain areas than others, make sure to try the one that will grow the best for your garden. Start the planting process during the early spring, and keep in mind that it takes time for blueberries to ripen. For more information and details check out this site: http://gardening.about.com/od/berries/a/Blueberries.htm 



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    The other answers are OK: strawberries are easy to grow, but demand lots of work to keep away competition; and blueberries are great, too, but need a relatively acidic soil.

    The best comporomise might be a wild berry plant, which is hardy (because it grew up outdoors without any human intervention) and easy to grow (because it survived without anybody watering it).

    Still, the answer depends largely on where you live. If in the eastern United States, black raspberries might be the easiest, hardiest berry plant to grow – plus its fruit is delicious.

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    Blackberry bushes grow very quickly! They are extremely difficult to manage (if not impossible!), but if you want berries, they’re sure to produce a bunch! I have blueberries in my yard, and they are pretty easy to manage and grow, so for a garden, I’d go with them.

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