What is the easiest thing that an office building can do to improve energy efficiency?



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    Since the majority of energy use in an office building goes to heating and cooling, one of the easiest things you can do is cut back on your climate control.  Keep the temperature on the low side in the winter and a little higher in the summer (not uncomfortably so, but within reason).  For every degree you lower your thermostat in the winter, you reduce your heating costs by up to 5%, so it can make a big difference. 

    Along the same lines, avoid space heaters.  Electric space heaters can consume huge amounts of energy, compared to the impact they actually have. 

    Closing the blinds in the summer and keeping them open in the winter is a great way to naturally control the temperature without using energy.   Also, making sure your building is well insulated and well sealed, and that heating and cooling units are working properly is another easy way to reduce energy costs.

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    Some very easy ways for an office building to save energy are:

    1. Upgrading to more efficient lights (T8 verses T12 bulbs)

    2. Turning off computer monitors at night

    3. Motion sensor lighting

    4. Install programmable thermostats

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