What is the easiest solar panel to install on my roof?



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    This depends on your roof and the price range you are looking at.  The first link below goes to solar panels that are a sheet that stick directly to your roof – i.e., no rack to hold the solar panel is needed.  

    The second link is for solar panels that hang off balconies or out windows.  These panels are advertised as “plug and play.”

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    Solar panels are photo voltaic arrays that convert protons in electric energy. Home installation has become increasingly common over the last two decades and DIY installations are easier than ever. Some producers of solar panels include Sunwize, Evergreen, and Mitsubishi Electric. Veranda Solar, a solar start-up, has big ideas about changing the face of the solar market. Their panels can be set up in a matter of hours with only a few basic tools — and best of all, you don’t have to pay for the services of a solar specialist. 

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