What is the easiest material to recycle?



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    The easiest material to recycle is steel. This is mostly because there is a large number of cars manufactured and a large amount of commercial construction waste generated every year. Cardboard, newspaper, and mixed paper are the easiest recyclable materials for people to collect.

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    The easiest material to recycle and teh most commonly recycled material is steel. If you’re talking about plastics, the easiest to recycle is Polyethylene Terephthalate, designated by recycling number 1.

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    Glass is a good material to recycle. It is easily cleaned and reshaped into new things. The only difficulty would be separating the colors of glass. There is uncolored glass, green, and brown glass. Bottles do not even need to be reshaped, just washed and sent off to be refilled. This process is quick and allows high turnaround.

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