What is the easiest form of energy conservation?



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    Perhaps using a method of alternative transportation (or alternative energy). Riding a bike is 3 times more efficient than walking or running, and it does not require a motor which pollutes the environment. Basically, doing anything without getting a motor or electricity involved is an easy form of energy conservation… like say for example if you were reading and it was daytime, you could have a bunch of lights on, or you could go outside and find a sunny spot and read under the natural (free, abundant) light of the sun! Energy conservation is easy indeed, just you have to think outside the box and remember: Sometimes doing less means more!

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    Turn the lights off when you leave the room. Turn the heater down a few degrees and put on a sweater, or turn air conditioner up a few degrees and wear shorts inside. Those are probably the easiest at home things to do to conserve energy. 

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