What is the earliest you can test a child for allergies?



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    Pediatricians differ in their professional opinions, so if you are concerned about your child having an allergy, you should consult your pediatrician.  Children can be tested at any time, even in the first few months of life, but the results may not always be accurate, as antibodies to particular foods have not yet had time to develop and become indicators.

    There are two different types of tests, the RAST test, a blood draw basically, and a skin “prick” test, which pricks the skin with different substances and monitors the reaction.  Unless symptoms appear in your child, hold off.  It is also recommended not to introduce solid foods too soon to a child, especially that of common allergens such as milk, peanut butter, soy, and wheat. 

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    This is a question for your pediatrician and you to decide upon.  Allergy testing can occur at any time, however, unless there are life threatening symptoms, you will want to track what is happening and when so that nothing is forgotten or misinterpreted.  This will help your pediatrician and/or allergist to better know what is going on as well.

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