What is e-decorating?

I saw something on the Today Show about it today and am wondering what is the deal? Is it more environmentally friendly? Is it expensive?



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    E-decorating involves working with a decorator over the internet. This is often cheaper than hiring a traditional decorator. It isn’t necessarily more environmentally friendly unless you work with a decorator who specializes in eco-friendly design.

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    E-decorating is basically Web-based interior design services, which are definitely faster and less expensive than usual designer-client contracts and dealings and are largely conducted online. There are many advantages to e-decorating and an example of one that it allows clients in many different parts of the world to get access to designers and their services.


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    I did not understand this whole idea. Does E-Decorating means Designing a Website Template for sombody. Or is it something else? Can somebody elaborate it a little more?

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    E-decorating, also known as E-design or virtual decorating, is a method for clients anyplace in the world to work with a decorator via the internet. It can be a great alternative for people on a budget who still want the special touch of a decorator, but are willing to do the research themselves.

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