What is dynamite fishing?



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    Dynamite fishing, or blast fishing, is a way of killing or stunning fish by throwing explosive materials into the fishing grounds.  I can badly damage the ecosystem of the fish.  It can also be potentially hazardous to the fishermen, considering the nature of explosions.  It is outlawed, though still practiced in several areas including Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

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    Dynamite (or blast) fishing involves using explosives to catch fish.  The explosives are set off under the water and the shock waves rupture the swim bladders of the fish.  This causes them to rise to the surface and float where they are easily collected.  However, this practice is very damaging to all marine life in the area.  Coral reefs are decimated by the explosions and other inedible marine life is killed in the process.  This practice is illegal and immoral. 

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