What is the dumbest breed of dog? You always hear about the smart breeds so I was just curious?



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    This is a hard question to answer because everyone’s definition of a “dumb dog” is going to be different. Some consider train-ability a sign of intelligence while others look simply at how a dog acts around them. The Afghan Hound seems to be a dog that many consider fairly dumb. They are hard to train and have no history of productive characteristics. Bulldogs are also often considered dumb due to their laziness and stumpy demeanor. When it comes to actual mental development of a dog (not just behavior), a lot of the toy breeds like chiuauas or poodles tend to be quite stinted due to a lot of inbreeding in the “fancy” dog community.

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    Given the caveats from bmalc899, a trainer’s definition of least intelligent are

    106. Borzoi

    107. Chow Chow

    108. Bull dog

    109. Basenji

    110. Afghan Hound


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    There’s no such thing as a dumb dog. A breed that is not as up-to-par with the other dogs can be seen in any breed, it just depends if they have a genetic mutation. Most genetic mutation causes dogs to act differently. Sometims dogs can suffer the same genetic mutation as other humans like OCD, cancer and influenza. 

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      This is true, but the differences in dogs are not just due to genetic mutations. Breeds behave differently in general. Some breeds are harder to train which is why people claim they are dumb.

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    Most dogs are not “not intelligent” as much as they are independent, selfish or stubborn, but here are some dogs are hard to train for one reason or another.

    Basset hounds, despite their awesome noses and endurance, are hard to train and housebreak.

    Bloodhound, despite an even awesomer nose, are very difficult to train.

    The following are also quite difficult to train, but there are clear reasons.

    Chow chow and mastiffs are stubborn but not dumb. Pekingese and Beagles are very independent and dominating, not dumb. Borzoi (russian worfhound) are selfish, not dumb.

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