what does the word environment mean in marathi??



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    The word environment is not actually a word in marathi.

    In the case of “environment,” the “ment” appears at first glance to be connected to “mental,” which is rooted in the Latin “mens,” meaning “mind,” which came from the Indo-European root “men,” meaning “to think.”  That same root “men” also gave us “memory,” “mind,” “remind,” and even “mathematics” (via the Greek “manthanein,” meaning “to learn”).

    But the “ment” in “environment” has no connection with the “mental” family tree.  This “ment,” in fact, is a standard English suffix that crops up in dozens of other words, including “accomplishment,” “enhancement,” “settlement” and “excitement.”  The suffix “ment” converts a verb (or sometimes an adjective) to a noun meaning “the result of or product of” whatever the verb was.  Thus if something “excites” (a verb), the result is “excitement.”  If settlers “settle” somewhere, you get a “settlement.”

    So “environment” must be, in some sense, be the result or effect of “environ,” but what does that mean?  In modern English usage, we speak of our “environs,” using the word as a noun to mean “the surrounding area” (“Without having once seen the sun shine on the city or its environs,” 1847).  But “environ” is also a verb meaning “to surround, to form a ring around, to envelop or enclose” (derived from the Old French “en” plus “viron,” circle).  So our  “environment” is the things that “environ” us, that encircle or surround us, whether just within a few feet (e.g., an “office environment”) or on the Earth as a whole (air, plants, animals, etc.).  When “environment” first appeared in English in the early 17th century, it meant simply “the act or state of being encircled.”  The more general sense of “the things or area surrounding something” dates to the 19th century, and “environmentalism” and “environmentalist” both date to the 1970s.

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