What does a water treatment plant do?



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    A water treatment plant takes water from sewer systems and removes solid and dissolved waste creating clean water out of the waste water, making it releasable to natural water systems such as a river. This takes any disease or contaminates out of the water in our sewers and makes it safe to be reused by nature in the water cycle. 

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    Desalination is the proccess by which sewer water and brackish water is turned into fresh drinking water. GE uses membrane technology to achieve this goal in their state of the art plants. GE’s reverse osmoisis desalination proccess requires 25% less land area to operate on than traditional desalination methods. There are many people in the world who do not have enough clean drinking water to lead healthy, productive lives. Desalination helps with this because it turns water that would otherwise be unusable or unhealthy into healthy drinking water.

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