What does a nuclear warhead recycling facility do?



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    I didn’t know there was such a thing, but if there actually is (and I’m going to research this in a moment to make sure) then I’d bet it would take the nuclear substance (enriched uranium or plutonium) that would formerly have been what would create the nuclear reaction in the warhead, and they would remove it and then use it instead for peaceful purposes — at a nuclear reactor, for making energy! 

    OK so I did some research and found nothing about a Nuclear Warhead Recycling Facility — but I did find tons of stuff about Nuclear Waste Recycling in general — a bomb could not be recycled after it has been detonated (the materials could be extracted though and used elsewhere, as was mentioned above) — but nuclear waste, apparently, still contains up to “about 95 percent of the uranium it started with, and that uranium can be recycled.” Read this article to find out how France is doing a much better job CONSERVING and doing things EFFICIENTLY than we are!

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