What does the Venus fly trap do with the flies it catches?



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    When the Venus fly trap catches an insect that has the nutrients it needs (ex. flies), the plant will constrict tightly around it and secrete digestive fluids. The fluids dissolves the internal parts of the insect, but keeps the exoskeleton (the external shell) hard and intact. The dissolved parts of the insect are then converted into a kind of “soup” that is rich with minerals and nutrients that plant needs, and the soup is absorbed by the leaves of the plants. This whole digestion process can last from 5 – 12 days, until the trap opens again, and the empty insect external skeleton is blown away by the wind or washed away by rain.

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    Also interesting is how the digestive juices even provide antiseptic to keep the meal a safe one. (The leaves of the closed trap accomplish this further by forming an airtight protective seal.)

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    Once a fly is trapped by the leaves of the flytrap, it will secrete dissolving fluids to digest the fly. Enzymes are used to break down and absorb essential nutrients into the leaf. About 5 to 12 days later, the trap will release the leftover exoskeleton of the fly.

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