What does Utility-Scale solar mean?



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    Utility-scale seems to refer to solar panel installations that are scaled up to a size that makes them practical for large-scale use.  This could potentially be used by a power generation plant. (Hence the word “utilities,” which generally refers to electricity and water.) This is in contrast to residential-scale solar, which is like rooftop panels and things like that.

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    There are over 30 utility-scale solar plants in the United States of at least 1 megawatt energy production.  The definition of a “utility scale solar” plant is a solar plant that has signed an official agreement of power purchase with a utility provider, have applied for a state permit, or are listed by the Department Of Energy as a power generation source.

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    Utility scale solar means solar power generation systems, like photovoltaic cells, on a scale large enough to be used for utilities. These are solar power power plants. There are now 30 utility scale solar power plants, producing at a rate more than 1 megawatt, in the US. They are either built for a utilities company or individually owned but recognized and contributing to utilities systems.

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