What does the US chemical policy do?



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    U.S. chemical policy is meant to regulate the the use of chemicals in industrial and commercial processes and products. Certain chemicals can be harmful to ecosystems or the living systems of humans. Chemicals which aren’t normally harmful, can build up either in the environment or in the human body causing a number of ecological or health risks.

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    As reported in 2009 by the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health of the University of California -Berekeley, the U.S. chemicals policy does not sufficiently address the harm that chemicals can pose in relation to the profit they can bring about.

    The EPA released documents in 2010 that outlined new policies regarding chemicals. The EPA set new standards for the level of chemical exposure allowed in the workplace, consumer products, and the environment. If an individual or company has business plans involving new chemicals, the EPA assesses their risks and makes authoritative decisions regarding whether or not it can be used and to what extent.

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