What does telocratic mean?



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    Teleocratic describes a type of government that has a specific goal that it’s policies are directed toward: the purpose of the government can be explained by invoking this ultimate purpose. Hitler’s Germany can be described as a teleocracy, with the ultimate goal of creating a certain race and dominating the world. Communism in its ideal form is a teleocracy as well, one with the ultimate goal of making a new society with little or no government. America is sometimes called a teleocracy when people discuss various issues, and the word is usually used as an accusation.

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    Telocratic is deteriorating, retrograssive phase of the forest transformation process.  In this process plants change to be abe to tolerate acooler, humid environment and leached soils.  It is preceded by the cryocratic phase, protocratic, and mesocratic phases.

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