What does tectonic mean?



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    Tectonics is a field of study within geology. It is concerned with the “structures within the lithosphere of the Earth (or other planets) and particularly with the forces and movements that have operated in a region to create these structures.” Generally, it refers to the forces or conditions within the earth that cause movements of the crust.

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    The word “tectonic” is derived from Latin “tectonicus,” meaning “building”. It is defined as “a branch of geology concerned with the structure of the crust of a planet (as earth) or moon and especially with the formation of folds and faults in it” or it can refer merely to “geological structural features as a whole”.

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    -(Miscellaneous Technologies / Building) the art and science of construction or building

    -(Earth Sciences / Geological Science) the study of the processes by which the earth’s crust has attained its present structure

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