What does the “Tea Party” organization stand for, besides opposing Obama?



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    The Tea Party organization is basically a more conservative version of the Republican Party.  Because it is difficult to be elected with very conservative or very liberal views, the Republican and Democratic party have become very moderate.  The Tea Party organization is taking a step back towards being more of what the Republican party used to be.  Their platform is based on fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, smaller government, more state’s rights, and national security.

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    The Tea Party is basically a group of middle class conservatives that do not want to see their taxes raised so they are blaming every Democrat. They are basically spearheading the Republicans right now and making them much more radical. Although I am very liberal, I am OK with them, as long as they do not bring religion into play. 

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    The Tea Party movement is a manifestation of many years of a massive conservative propaganda campaign coupled with the very real grievances that Americans face today; unemployment, taxation, the degradation our freedoms and liberties. Ironically this disenfranchised group has been lead to believe that “big government” is the cause of all their problems and the reason why their lives are so miserable.

    They believe government is essentially tyrannical, which it can be, but it is far less tyrannical than our corporate state that expounds fears of big government. At least a true government has some level of accountability. They believe that a free-market economy, a globalized trade policy and violent military intervention all over the world is somehow the answer to their problems. This is actually “big government” too but who is really in charge? The conservative ideology has amazingly made these people hate the government when it does anything good for them, and love the government when they are being ignored and exploited. Take health care for example, the slogan of Keep your Hands of my Health Care is very revealing. A propaganda campaign toward government deficit spending fears and socialism made people vote against their own interests.

    Another Irony, the Boston Tea Party, from which the movement takes it’s name, boarded the monopolistic East India Company tea ships and destroyed the cargo that December in ’73 not simply because they were upset about a new tax. They were enraged that members of Parliament, many of whom owned stock in the company, had granted a 1.4 million pound loan to E.I.C which was near bankruptcy at the time. For the American people who were struggling financially as well in the colonies, this seemed very unfair. This is an interesting and relevant parallel to the “bail outs” of today.

    It is shame that the Tea Party cannot be more unified with the left, we have the same problems, the same frustrations, but are given very different solutions.

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    The Tea Party is ostensibly Libertarian in their political platform.  However, they are conflicted, because they support massive military spending through the wars and Christianity over other religions.  Plus, they say nothing about regulating monopolistic companies to ensure a free market.  They are caught up in the hyperbolic symbols of an idealized past.  I think that the clip below is effective in clarifying the lack of historical basis for their political viewpoints. 

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