What does SUSTAINABLE LIVING mean to you?

From your personal point of view?


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    Personally, I think that sustainable living isn’t a narrowly-defined term. To me, it’s simply living in a way that reduces the use of natural resources. It’s much less intimidating than it sounds, and I actually consider it analagous to a diet plan. If you start making changes in your lifestyle step-by-step, you’ll start living in a way that’s healthier for both you and the environment. You don’t have to tightly control yourself — simply reduce, reuse, and recycle. Many people, particularly in the modern American culture, live in a very wasteful manner. I think that if people realize the implications of their actions, and realize that it’s not extremely difficult to uphold a sustainable lifestyle, people would waste less resources. Sustainable living is about living unselfishly, keeping in mind that your waste impacts others.

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    Sustainable living to me, means a lifestyle that works towards reducing our impact or even my communities impact on our natural resources.  It’s easy to start slow and incorporate more ways to reduce our impact as we learn more about why it matters and as they become habits and are easier to do.

    For me personally, we hike, bike or drive our Prius.  We have a raised bed heirloom seed organic garden.  We shop at our farmers market for honey or things we can’t grow.  We recylce.  We use a clothes line, weather permitting (but use a dryer when we can’t).  We do eat meat, but not more than twice a week, when we do it’s grass feed or true free range chickens.  We live in a smaller home, rather than move into a larger home because we can.  So although they may be small things, you do have to begin somewhere and do what you can as you can.  It can be more difficult for those who do not have the same options or availabililty of certain things to do everything they might wish to do, but as long as we’re all doing what we can – it helps!

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    Sustainable living is making small but meaningful personal changes towards a more green lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a major change; but I prefer taking baby steps gradually. For me, living sustainably is buying local produce; it’s easy and much fresher anyway. I also tend to avoid using my air conditioning and heating system when I can and I changed out all of my light bulbs to the energy star ones. Nothing spectacular, but I try to add a new eco-friendly step into my regimen whenever I can and so it is not overwhelming.

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    To me, sustainable living means conducting your life in a way that can be maintained in the long term with as little detriment to the environment as possible and even leaves the environment in better shape than before I came into contact with it.  It also means only taking as much as I need while still considering the needs of others who will be drawing from the same resource.  It means growing my own vegetables or purchasing produce locally, taking short showers, and reusing and recycling as much as I can.  It means educating myself about my environment and the strain that I place upon in through my existence, and helping others to understand their own environmental impact.  And it means doing what I can to help improve the environment—if not directly within the environment I am drawing resources from, then at least another part of the environment in need of restoration or protection.

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    Sustainable living for me means living in a way that minimizes my impact on my environment, hopefully over the course of my lifetime. This includes specific actions like limiting the amount of trash I as a consumer produce, limiting my carbon dioxide emissions as a driver, and supporting local farms and organic produce as a consumer. It also means trying to cut back on my consumption as a whole, in hopes of balancing out my personal equation of consumption vs giving back. Finally, it means keeping a healthy appreciation and respect for the natural world, being a well-informed citizen and using my voting privileges and “discretionary funds” in support of environmental causes. 

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    Sustainable living for me is living the fullness of life, enjoying all my blessings, and 

    creating wonderful memories with my family and community in ways that contribute 

    to the conservation of the environment. It means exploring all options to make green 

    living an everyday reality for my family and friends. It is not just about making decisions 

    on what we consume, but also making sure that how we purchase and acquire things

    reflects this value. My friends and I have organized ourselves to practice collaborative 


     We buy supplies in bulk and split the cost. We save money, time and gas as well as 

    reduce packaging waste. We share the use of equipment like lawnmovers and combine

     our budget so we could buy organic supplies straight from the producer. Since we are 

    using  an online tool called SplitStuff (http://splitstuff.com), the process of organizing 

    and communicating with our group is energy efficient. With the information available

    to us today,  there is no excuse why can’t make sustainable living a reality.

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    In my eyes, sustainable living means making a conscious effort every day to minimize my negative impact on the environment while simultaneously trying to give something back, or to help others do the same. This sometimes means taking some responsibility and not looking the other way; I have often pulled empty water bottles off the top of garbage in cans and deposited them into a recycling bin. I pick up other peoples’ trash, especially at the beach or in wooded areas.

    To me this is the biggest part. A lot of people have the idea that it’s not their problem, or that someone else will do it… to make a real impact YOU (or in terms of me, I) need to be that person who picks up the slack of others that don’t care as much. Just because people around me may be indifferent doesn’t mean that its acceptable for me to act in this way; it goes against my beliefs. 

    In addition, I walk or take public transportation whenever possible. I reuse everything as many times as I can, and I recycle or dispose of things properly when they can no longer be used. I compost. I generally buy local, organic products. I believe in fair trade; for their eco-friendly practices, but perhaps more importantly for their dedication to social justice and equality. I think this is also an important part of sustainable living, to ensure that everyone is treated fairly so that we can all be able to make sustainable choices. I have a daily appreciation and deep respect for nature which drives me to always make that extra effort. 

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    I live a simple and inexpensive existence that does not require much fossil fuel use, much excess of plastic, or much intensive food.  I try to maintain contentment with what I have, because material growth and accumulation of wealth is unsustainable.  I have tried to redefine growth to mean development of my well-being and my relationships, instead of growth to mean enlarging my shelter, my clothes closet, or my waistline.  That which is simple is sustainable.

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    In reality, I believe that sustainable living is ensuring a prosperous existence for all living species within the realm of Darwinism.  I understand that such a statement has implications beyond current human willingness but cutting back on devastation seems less than respectable in my mind.  Species may go extinct but because they are not our own, such issues seem to be insignificant in the collective brain of our society.  As the alcoholic says, “I just need to cut back a bit and all will be fine.”

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    I think living sustainably means not taking more than you put back or can be put back. For example, getting wood from a sustainable forest where new trees are always replacing ones that are cut for human use. I think it means being able to recycle everything so that it can be made into something new. It means wearing your clothes until they are worn out, and reusing items that you can. Living sustainably means supporting the local economy and keeping yourself healthy. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to be educated on every different kind of food in order to avoid consuming chemicals and hormones. 

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    I love all the answers on here. The community is awesome!!!

    What sustainable living means to me?

    Not putting yourself before anything or anyone (within reason). Avoiding saying something like “sorry nature/kids in asia/farmers/cows/pigs/etc , but I want this/am hungry/am in hurry/for fun/for someone else.” No convinience or short satisfaction is worth the price someone else had to pay. To be sustrainable is to preserve and conserve, do no harm.

    Support life.

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