What does subway do to reduce their environmental impact?



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    Subway has a list of its efforts to become more sustainable on its Web site. The company has built ‘Eco -Stores,’ redesigned numerous containers to make them use less materials and or more renewable materials and uses recycled napkins, which other restaurants are also doing. I was most interested in finding out how much it reduced its impact when its salad packaging and catering tray supplier for North America and Europe moved 1,000 miles closer to Subway’s redistribution center (from West Virginia to Texas). The company says the move reduces its greenhouse gas emissions by 1,663 tons of CO2 annually. It adds that it now saves 160,000 gallons of gas and 3,867 barrels of oil. The other surprise was that changing its plastic drink cups from Polystyrene to Polypropylene saves the equivalent of 10,421 barrels of oil annually because the change cuts its use of the raw materials used to produce them by 8%.

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