What does stress do to your health?



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    There are many types of stress, not all of which are bad for your health.  One such type is Eustress, which is actually the stress you get when you are doing something that gives you any sort of adrenaline rush.  The next step up (in terms of negativity), is acute stress.  This is a very short-lasting sort of stress and it can be positive or negative.  Acute stress results from day to day actvities, such as when you are stuck in traffic or in any other situation where the stress subsides relatively quickly once the situation is over.  Next up are episodic acute stress and chroic stress.  Both of these are much more pervasive and harmful, never seem to go away, and can be harmful to your health.  Chronic stress can cause chronic headaches, depression, diabetes, hair loss, heart disease, obesity, sexual dysfunction, tooth and gum disease, ulcer, and possibly some sort of cancers.

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    Chronic stress, that is negative and not helpful in escaping a situation, can build-up and lead to mental degradation in the form of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses along with health degradation and spiritual degradation as well. Stress that is left unchecked is extremely dangerous to your health; about 2/3 of doctor visits are stress related. It is clear that America and many western nations have a stress epidemic, and only through finding positive and productive ways to relieve the stress can the negative repurcussions be diffused.

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