What does the recycling plant do with plastic or glass bottles that still have their caps or lids on them?

Reading this question made me think of this: http://greenanswers.com/q/159375/other/why-must-caps-be-taken-water-bottles-recycling



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    They cut off the top of the bottle.  Thats why it is better to remove the cap before sending it to be recycled.  you will save the plastic underneath the cap. 

    Recycling plants are flooded, and usually are not the richest places.  They have to do what is quick to get the most product though to make the most money.  Chopping off the top is quicker than unscrewing. 

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      Thanks for your quick response. Do you happen to know what they do with glass jars that have their lids still on?

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      From what I learned back in High School, they take the lids off because the lids are metal and can be re-melted and recycled.

      The problem with plastic caps is that it is made from non-recyclable plastic….which i seriously understand why. I feel like they could seriously find a better alternative.

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      That is interesting– thanks!

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