What does recycled glass look like?



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    Recycled glass can appear rough or with spots of different color, or it can appear polished and new.  It depends more on the style choice of the person recycling the glass rather than the quality of the glass.

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    Here are some photos of items made from recycled glass. The possibilities for colors and textures is almost endless.

    West Elm Galss Collection

    Photo credit: http://www.modernecohomes.com/blog/tag/recycled-glass/







    Photo credit: http://www.greenthinkers.org/blog/2007/12/top_5_green_holiday_decoration_2.html

    vitrohue, recycled glass tile, eco, image

    Photo credit: http://www.interiordesign.net/blog/Design_Green/34772-Vitrohue_Recycled_Glass_for_Interiors.php

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