What does the phrase “economics of green” mean?



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    I haven’t heard this phrase before. Usually, green is an adjective when it’s used like this, so it would describe something like green energy. The definition of economics is, “the study of how people use their limited resources in an attempt to satisfy unlimited wants,” according to dictionary.com. This means the economics of green must mean any study of how people use the resources we have available to satisfy our needs of keeping the Earth safe and healthy for future generations and other biological communites of species on Earth.

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    I think “economics of green” is a general phrased use to describe bureacrats’ response to environmental issues.  Or, perhaps bureaucrats use it themselves to describe environmental issues, because, inherent in any conversation about ecological responsibility is the concept of how it will affect the economy.  There is an economic theory known as “decoupling” that economists use to posit the idea that economic growth can occur without impacting the environment.  So, “the economics of green” is probably used to wrap all of those philosophies together.

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