What does PETA have to say about Sea World?



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    “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals flew a banner over SeaWorld in San Diego Tuesday (March 9, 2010) calling on the theme park to end the confinement of marine mammals. The banner, which was flown over the Mission Bay park from noon to 2 p.m., read ‘SeaWorld: Let Whales and Dolphins Out of Prison. PETA,’ said Amanda Fortino, a spokeswoman for the animal rights group. Similar banners were flown over the Orlando SeaWorld today and the San Antonio location on Saturday. In a statement, SeaWorld officials called PETA’s protest a ‘publicity stunt’ and labeled the group an ‘extremist organization.'”

    It seems as if PETA really dislikes Sea World as expected. However, this protest happened right after a Sea World trainer was killed by a whale. 

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