what does living natural mean?



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    Living natural is a topic that is explored in Daniel Quinn’s book, “Ishmael.” This great work of inspirational story-telling explains how there are two types of people (well, let’s say animals, but only humans make up the one category) TAKERS and LEAVERS. Takers are people who take from the earth anything they want and manipulate natural resources in any way they choose with little concern for the environment. The leavers are those people who live naturally, which means they do not use products which distort and manipulate nature in the manufacturing process. Leavers do not waste things as much as the Takers do! Living natural basically means living a simple life and not using any of the modern technologies that have come about at the expense of nature (such as air-conditioning, plastics, and means of travel). It’s really tough to do! But doing the little things and at least respecting nature is a start—don’t just leave you car running while you are parked waiting outside for a friend: BECAUSE in that case U R taking more from the earth than need be! Why not leave that fuel in the tank to use later! (In this case, it saves you money at the same time as it saves everyone’s lungs from being harmed by extra pollution, albeit in a small amount!) but again IT ALL ADDS UP!

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