What does napalm do to the environment?



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    Napalm bombs generate carbon monoxide while simultaneously removing oxygen from the air. The air in the bombing area can be 20 percent or more carbon monoxide. This effect occurs because napalm partially combusts the oxygen in the air, turning CO2 (carbon dioxide) into CO (carbon monoxide).

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    Napalm is an extremely environmentally destructive substance. It’s highly corrosive to anything it touches. When it burns, the fires become so hot they have the ability to make a rivers’ water boil, essentially cooking any life in it. When ignited, napalm bombs remove oxygen from the air and increase carbon monoxide concentrations by changing carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. Polystyrene, which is an ingredient in napalm becomes toxic styrene when burnt at the high temperatures napalm creates. The heavy use of napalm bombs in Vietnam has wreaked incredible havoc on the country’s environment and health. Its effects are still very relevant today.

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