What does the money from deer tags get used for?



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    To use Texas as an example, revenue from deer tags provides funding for the Wildlife Restoration Program that collects data on animal populations in the wilderness to monitor and regulate hunting.  Some organizations, such as Coon Camp Springs, Inc. use money from deer tag sales for implementing habitat projects.

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    The money generated through the sale of fishing licenses, hunting licenses, deer tags, turkey tags, and other tags go to serve the missions of the state agencies issuing the tags. These missions typically include the Conservation, Management, Protection, and wise-use of game, non-game, and threatened and endangered species for both current and future generations. Some specific expenditures include habitat restoration and management projects, scientific research, and education. Furthermore, the Federal Sportfish and Wildlife Restoration Acts impose excise taxes on fishing and hunting equipment that are combined with these license fees to support the on the ground management efforts. It is important to note that many non-game species (e.g. songbirds) and threatened and endangered species directly and indirectly benefit from hunting and fishing and that hunters and anglers (through the license fees, tags, and excise taxes) have contributed Billions of Dollars to conservation.

    In addition to the below citations, please see this link for information about hte North American Model of Wildlife Conservation  http://www.rmef.org/NewsandMedia/PubsTV/Bugle/2004/MayJune/Features/NAModel.htm

    Tom Lang

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