What does the Milky Way galaxy consist of?



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    The Milky Way galaxy consists of our solar system AND at least 400,000 other stars and their planets. Aside from the solar systems, there are also thousands of clusters and nubulae.

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    The Milky Way galaxy (our own galaxy), is made up of a collection of stars, planets, asteroids, nebulae and all manner of space debris. We mostly construct our map of the galaxy as stars and star systems (stars with planets and other objects orbiting them in space). Is is calculated that there at least 200,000,000,000 stars in the Milky Way galaxy, and our Sun is just one of them. We are always learning new things about the galaxy, but much of it remains unknown and undiscovered to us. It is theorized that at the center of the galaxy is a super massive black hole for which everything revolves around, though astronomers have yet to confirm this. 

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