what does the leaf of a maple tree look like.



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    There are thirteen species of maple tree in North America. Most leaves have three or five lobes, and some have sharp “teeth” along the edges, while others are smooth. Here are some of the more common species:

    Sugar maple – 5 lobes, no teeth



    Black maple – 3 lobes (sometimes 5), thicker than sugar maple leaf

    Red maple – 3 lobes (sometimes considered 5), with small teeth

    Silver maple – 5 well-defined lobes, small teeth

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      (This is to monicadee, everyone else can ignore. Lol. Ok, so now you’re going to read extra-carefully.)

      Hi monicadee, since the site doesn’t have private messages, here goes a private message in public. Welcome to GreenAnswers! I’ve been enjoying your thoughtful responses. I should say: thoughtful, cogent and correct responses. Some seem to forget that the idea is to get a right answer — even if it means doing two Google searches instead of one! Good answers reflect well on the rest of us, too!

      I’ve done a fair amount of work in Wikipedia on copyright issues? Contrary to popular wisdom, pictures on the Internet are copyrighted — unless a site explicitly says they are not. (America law changed some years ago to conform to international standards, which many don’t realize.)

      I checked the “silver maple” photo above. The source page does not say the photos are free to use. If there was doubt, checking a further in the site shows that the owner intended to keep his copyright. http://www.hainaultforest.co.uk/default.htm I.e., that image is copyrighted by the owner, and may not be used here.

      Chances are also that the owner would (at the least) ask that the photos were explicitly labeled as being copyrighted to him. But in practice many professional photographers refuse to allow use of their photos w/o payment and formal legal agreement.

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      Ah, thanks for the note. I linked each of the titles back to the page where I borrowed the image from, but you’re right, it’s far from explicit enough. Will keep this in mind in future!

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