What does it take to make a sustainable garden?



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    If you want the land last to be re-usable for subsequent seasons then you must prevent soil erosion. Some areas and climates are more at risk for soil erosion than others. Flat plains without vegetation can suffer soil erosion when wind blows away the soil of tilled land. A common backyard garden is usually more protected from wind but groundwater runoff can wash away soil and plants.

    To prevent soil erosion it is helpful to plant trees and shrubs around the garden. These will act both as a protective barrier from the wind and the root systems will better absorb rainfall, preventing runoff. It is also good to apply mulch for the same purposes. Mulch will also help to retain moisture for hours after rainfall or watering. For more ways to prevent soil erosion visit the link below:


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    In addition to what aaron10 said, I think that having some way to compost is key to having a sustainable garden. Compost will add nutrients back into your soil. There are many different ways to compost such as using worms or a large compost bin that integrates multiple microorganisms. Personally, I love how my chickens compost kitchen scraps. They also love certain weeds from the garden such as dandelions. Here is a resource that you can use to decide which method of composting is right for you 🙂

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