what does it mean when your parrot fish has white stuff coming from above him nose?

I was like it had a cut but then a day or two later it started to have white stuff coming out of it.



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    It may be a bacterial infection. You should take it to a vet or the fish store to confirm. Usually it can be treated with antibiotics.

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      except the white stuff came off and now it is back to just looking like a cut.

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      Well, it might just be some debris that it picked up from the bottom of the tank. Still, you should get your fish checked out to be sure.

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      no but y would all of the other fish be fine then we r starting to think that it was ust a cut because it is looking more like one but it still looks bad and if we get the fish checked they cant do any thing for a fish like really whatever that fish is looking way way way better so it will be ok its starting to go away!

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