What does it mean when street lights go out when you drive under them?



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    There is no intentional reason why a street lights would go out when you drive under them. This is probably caused by a malfunction in the city’s circuit system.

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    The phenomenon is known as street lamp interference, or SLI, and it possibly is a psychic event that is just beginning to be recognized and studied. Like most phenomena of this type, the evidence is almost exclusively anecdotal. Any attempt to pinpoint a cause for SLI at this point would be mere speculation without a thorough scientific investigation. The problem with such investigations, as with many forms of psychic phenomena, is that they are very difficult to reproduce in a laboratory. They seem to happen spontaneously without the deliberate intention of the SLIder. In fact, the SLIder, according to some informal tests, are usually unable to create the effect on demand. Speculation suggests it might have something to do with the brain’s electronic impulses of the brain, as our thoughts and movements are the result of electrical impulses that the brain generates. Ongoing research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab is suggesting that the subconscious affects electronic devices—in scientific terms, the reality of such psychic phenomena as ESP, telekinesis and soon, perhaps, SLI.

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