What does it mean when someone says condensed water?



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    Condensed water is when there is so much water vapor that it turns into liquid water again. This happens when clouds become so heavy that they rain down precipitation, or when water vapor from warm air turns back into liquid on the outside of a cold drink.

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    Water condensation is the result of water vapor that was gotten cold enough to turn back into a liquid. In the water cycle, water is evaporated (turned into a gas) from the ground level (from lakes, streams, oceans, rivers, etc.) and goes into the air. Once in the air, the evaporated water gets chilled enough to become a liquid once more. The same thing happens with a glass of cold water on a hot day. The water that slicks your glass on the outside and leaves those nasty rings on the coffee table is condensed water.

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    Another definition of condensed water is when water is produced during gas production in the reservoir, and in the form of water vapour then condenses out along the way in the production system.

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