What does it mean when people say “everything is connected?”



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    People mean different things when they say “everything is connected”.  Some ideas in regards to this statement are:  there are only so many elements on the periodic time table.  The same elements that make of the things of nature are the ones that make up humans and other organisms.  Also: every actions has an effect, which can be seen in nature and environmental matters.  Thinking one is separate from nature may lead to the mindset of not caring about whether nature is destroyed or not through one’s actions.  Recognizing how one is connected to nature causes one to be more caring towards the environment, and have more of a conservation-mindset. 

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    A good way to see how “everything is connected’ is to consider the famous essay by Garrett Hardin, “The Tragedy of the Commons”. In this article, he talks about how since the benefits of using a common good (a good which is non-excludable, meaning you cannot stop someone from using it, but rival, meaning one persons consumption of the good takes away from another persons ability to consume it) are full experienced by the person using the good, but the cost of consumption is felt by all of society. Eventually, this will lead to depletion of these resources unless they are somehow regulated. This article shows how one persons actions effect society as a whole, thus making “everything connected”.

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      Everything is connected.
      The sun that shines on me shines on you.
      The air that we move through connects us all.
      The water that we drink is the same water.
      Every particle in every corner of the universe came from the same place. We are all made from the same things. What stars are made of, we are made of. We are stardust, so is everything else.


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    Everything is connected.
    The sun that shines on you, shines on me.
    The air that we move through is the same.
    We are made of stardust.
    Every Particle in every corner of the unverse came from the same place.
    On a very fundemental level, we are different expressions of the same thing.
    Everything is connected

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