What does it mean what a pack of paper says “mixed sources” on it? Is this a sustainable product?



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    Yes, mixed sources paper is a sustainable product. There are three different kinds of mixed sources paper with specific markings. The first kind, 1 and 2, is made from “well-managed forests,” “controlled materials,” and recycled material. The second kind, 3, is made from well-managed forests and controlled materials. The third kind, 4 and 5, is made from well-controlled forests and recycled materials.

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    The main people who produce mixed source paper are the Forest Stewardship Council (FRC). They are a non-profit organization that works towards a sustainable paper supply. The mixed sources label comes from a combination of recycled paper and new wood that goes into the paper. The wood that they use is closely monitored from the time it is planted to the time you are writing on it to ensure that it is being used in a sustainable manner. 

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