What does it mean that sperm whales have one of the “most complex” brains on Earth? What do they use them for?



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    Whales have, both in actual size and by proportion, the largest and most complex brains of any animal, including man. The cetacean brain weighs about 5 1/2 times as much as the average human’s. Having no external technology for recording, the whale uses much of its brain as a huge memory bank for storing vast amounts of detailed cultural and environmental data. Tests on the smaller whales have strongly indicated the ability to carry out future plans as well as powers of initiative and reasoning and a grasp of traditions and ethics.

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    The sperm whale has the heaviest brain of any known existing or extinct animal, but it’s brain size relative to body size is not particularly large. It uses it’s brain for many of the same things we and other animals do, breathing, keeping the heart beating, coordinating muscle movement, and analyzing sensory input, such as the echolocation system whales use to find food.

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