what does it mean to say when two complex people come together there is no simple understanding between them

what general economic problems do all countries face



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    I think it’s safe to say that all countries face struggle when the citizens or political leaders have opposing ideas about how economic policy should be handled.  In the U.S., it’s easy to see how this works; no matter how much negotiating takes place between conservatives and liberals, they will always be fundamentally different in their treatment of spending and market regulation.  There are several complex models to follow on any given goal, so choosing one will cause problems because there will always be someone in the background arguing that the policy is ineffective.

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    Countries generally face economic problems that often include: inflation and deflation, import-export imbalances and corollary trade deficits, national debt, and stock market volatility, to name a few.  I’m not sure how the first part of your question relates to the second, though.  What I know about simple and complex thoughts involves John Locke’s writings on how humans process ideas of varying complexity. 

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    Continuous ‘war’ continues to exist when an irresistible force meets an imovable object. A similar situation arises when two complex people come together and there is no understanding between them.

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