what does it mean if bubbles form under the skin

i know its not from the sun but i can’t really get a clue where it came from i live in the woods if that makes a difference I just noticed it today there are 5 of them i popped 2…i think, i dont really know one had a small amount of thick-ish liquid and the other full of nothing but air not blood though…maybe it was plasma i dont know i just want to know if i contracted something of not i have no symptoms all there is is just little pockets under my skin and i was a little nauseous abut 5 days ago and i just noticed a sixth yellow-ish one can anyone pin point this to someything? im alittle spooked



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    Well, hopefully you’ve gotten this looked at by a doctor since you posted this a few months ago.  The information you’ve given isn’t enough for me to really be able to tell you what could be wrong.  You said you lived in the woods; the blisters may be a reaction to a poisonous plant.  I’m really not sure though.

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