What does it mean to have a green economy?



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    A definition from the World Resources Institute: “A Green Economy promotes a triple bottom line: sustaining and advancing economic, environmental and social well-being.”

    And from the United Nations Environmental Program: A Green Economy is one that “improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities…low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.”

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    Basically, a “green economy” is the total package. While we struggle to meet and defeat one sustainable project at a time, a “green economy” calls for action and improvement on all fronts. A green economy is a sustainable balance of both the environment and human existence.

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    To maintain a green economy, you must consider society, economy, and environment. All three must be benefiting. It’s usually easy to advance two of these while hurting the third, but improving all three is difficult, though ideal. You want people to maintain their lifestyle while keeping the economy going without hurting the environment.

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