What does it mean to be a socially responsible brand?



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    It depends what industry you’re talking about. For the food industry, a socially responsible brand could be “Fair Trade Certified.” For the clothing industry, it could mean recycling denim or using less packaging.

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    As a blanket term, a socially responsible company takes proactive steps to ensure that their product is produced, marketed, sold, disposed of, and used in the most responsible way possible.  Responsible in this case means, with the least impact on the environment, the people producing and using the product, nature in the areas of production and use, and that the product is ideally renewable and/or sustainable.

    Socially responsible = conscious of the impact of your product on society and the environment.

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    Along with what has been said above, a company brand should make sure their business partners (often over seas partners) are upholding human rights and positively impacting the workers and the people living in the surrounding area’s quality of life. 

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