What does it mean to be a minimalist?



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    To be a minimalist means to observe and practice simplicity through its basic beauty and practicality. Pretty much, things are too complex in the modern world and minimalism embraces the concept things are overly complex and we only need essential elements too see a message or perform a task. That is my take on it.

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    practicing “Less is more” by appreciating the finer, less tangible things in life, taking your time, focusing more on experience than things or money, being at peace with yourself, doing more by doing less, speaking more by speaking less, listening more, loving more by loving intensely on people and things most important to you. Getting rid of things that you don’t need is the first step. Being a minimalist is about setting your priorities and sticking with them. The blog, Zenhabits, is an excellent example of a real life minimalist. 

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