What does India require before the country will accept international verification of its greenhouse gas emissions?



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    India has typically been very resistant to any international verification of its greenhouse gas emissions. This appears to be mainly for economic reasons: 60% of India’s power is provided by coal, the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive of fossil fuels, and mandating cuts in carbon emissions will probably mean severe economic pain in a country that can barely keep a lid on its domestic problems and its 1.2 billion people, many of them desperately poor. India has also insisted that it should not have to go first in reducing carbon emissions, because other countries (such as the United States) emit more carbon than it does, and far more per capita. There is some indication, however, that India may be softening its stance. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said before the December 2009 Copenhagen summit that India wants to contribute to solving the problem of climate change, and that it does not want to be the “bad boy” of international relations; however, Indian policy still seems to be that it will not accept international oversight, at least not unless some sort of funds are provided to it to help the adaptation to greener fuels. India is not the only country resisting verification. China has also said that international verification is unacceptable.

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