What does the increased flow of fresh water into the sea indicate?



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    The increase flow of fresh water into oceans exemplifies the existence of global warming. During the hydrological cycle, fresh water evaporates, forms clouds, and rains on the land. That water then runs intro rivers and back into the sea, beginning the process again. Warmer temperatures, however, increase the evaporation speed, which ultimately increases the flow of water. The increased cycle causes intense, frequent flooding in some areas. In 2006, researches found that 18% more water was flowing into the sea than in 1994. Certainly, this indicates that global warming is a contributing factor.

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    There is no new data supporting decreased salinity levels in our oceans.  The last report that supported these claims was in 2005 and not much has been published on this topic in the interim.  As of this year, incredible technological advances have been made by NASA allowing us to determine the salinity levels of the ocean with much more accuracy than previously possible.

    The Aquarius device is a machine developed by NASA to determine the salinity of the ocean from space.  The first reports were made available from Aquarius in August 2011.  Early reports from NASA have given no indication that our oceans are becoming less salty.

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