What does nanotechnology have to do with being greener?



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    “As useful as nanotubes may be, the process of making them may have unintentional and potentially harmful impacts on the environment” – Science Daily. Even with nanotechnology, environmental impacts must be considered.

    “The use of nanotechnology to create new types of miniature sensors, pollutant filters and fuel cell catalysts could benefit the environment, according to evidence…that is being considered by the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering working group on nanotechnology” – The Royal Society.

    Nanotechnology may have applications in benefiting the environment, but may also have unpredictable damaging effects on the environment. This makes it a proper topic for green discussion.

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    There are a lot of potential applications for nanotechnology that can help the green movement. For example, solar cells become more efficient the smaller they are. They could also be used for a variety of purposes such as reducing the need to use harmful chemicals to clean surfaces, and could be used to create energy-saving fuel cells and LEDs.

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