What does the green community think of medical marijuana?



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    I think its perfectly okay.  I know its been argued many times before, but it boggles the mind that something like alcohol can be legal when it is A) Addictive B) Can kill once the person is addicted, because it degrades the liver C) Can, and does, make people belligerent.  Those are the main things that pop into mind, but when you think about it marijuana does not do any of these things.  Plus, legalizing marijuana can help spur the economy not to mention help people who are sick with all kinds of medical, emotional, and mental problems.

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    According to an NPR segment, around 30-40% of US citizens believe marijuana should be legalized and 70-80% support medical marijuana use. The debate ensues concerning health benefits/dangers, whether or not marijuana use is a legal liberty, societal costs, etc. While I cannot say if people who are concerned with the environment are typically pro-marijuana legalization/consumption, a compelling case can be made either way. For extensive coverage, look to the pro-con list on the debate here

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    The “green community” does not speak with one voice, nor do its constituents have unanimous opinions about anything, including this topic.

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    I agree with rigibson that there probably isn’t a consensus among those who consider themselves environmentally friendly concerning medical marijuana.

    However, marijuana is probably much “healthier” for the body than manufactured and synthetic drugs that people may take for pain.  Some people may consider it a better natural alternative to highly addictive pain killers.

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