What does green boating mean?



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    Boaters are considering ways to reduce fuel consumption while on the water, including reducing cruising speed, tuning the engine and taking shorter trips.

    Unlike driving a car, a boat’s engine is often idle or turned off while anchoring, floating or at the dock (all three of which are some of boaters’ favourite on-the-water activities).
    64% of boaters use about the equivalent of 3 tanks of gas for an SUV to enjoy an entire boating season.
    Be sure to buy an engine that will complement your boat and properly meet your needs. Consider the activities you want to enjoy and follow the manufacturers guidelines for engine size, being sure not to overpower or underpower your boat. For example, if an engine has to be run at near or open throttle most of the time, it may not be the right size for your boat and consequently the combination of load and fuel consumption may cause you to exceed normal emission standards.


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