What does The Great Gorilla Run do for gorillas?



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    The Great Gorilla Run raises money to fund African NGOs so they can help provide the locals with what they need. The idea is that by providing people with what they need, they will stop venturing into forests and taking all of the resources. Then the gorillas will have sufficient resources to keep them alive.

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    The Great Gorilla Run is a charity run that benefits endangered gorillas. The 7K run was started in 2003, and so far has been a big hit, probably because the competitors dress up like gorillas while they run. The run is sponsored by the Gorilla Organization, an INGO that campaigns to support and save the endangered species.

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    Each participant must raise a minimum £400, and in the past they have had over a 1,000 participants. They work with a NGO called Gorilla Organization, the money goes towards 20 key projects for gorilla preservation and conservation. They include ranger patrols, forest-dwelling people, Education, tree planting, and community development.

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