What does going green mean to you?



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    It means to live a simple life and leaving as small of a footprint as possible. Reduce, reuse and recycle, educating people about the choices they can make about helping our environment. Walking and riding your bike more than driving. Buying local and organic foods and supporting local businesses.

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    Trying to live your life as a steward of the planet. Making an effort to understand your actions affect the environment and society.

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    Even though “going green” has become a trendy concept, I think that at its core is a good message: awareness of the waste we produce and the ability to rethink the way in which we feel entitled to the earth’s resources.

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    To me, going green means doing whatever I can to better the planet.  I do not believe that their is a standard amount of effort each person needs to make in order to be green, but instead I think it is about doing what you are capable of doing.  Any effort, even if it is small, is going to be more beneficial than not.

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